All your domain are belong to us

I recently bumped again into one of the oldest memes out there - All your base are belong to us. Long story short, a 1992 English translation of the Japanese game Zero Wing got a bit screwed up and players were fast to pick this glitch up and elevate it to Internet meme status.

All your base meme

Being a DNS junkie at heart (see my past Googlesquatting experiments), the us word at the end of that sentence caught my eye. Let's see if the domain name is available 🤩 !

The results got me really baffled. I checked both root and subdomains:

Domain Registered in Target 2019 DOMENE OG WEBHOTELL 2006 Old non-HTTPS site with Flash plugin 2006 404  2016 No response 2002 Weird number cards 2002 No response

This is a harsh reminder that everything has already been done on the Internet. Still, none of these domains actually refers to the glorious meme - what a waste. IMHO, the folks owning the (probably priceless) domain could have made a little effort here and put their domain to good use by hosting this meme.

A bit disappointed by these findings, I tried to come up with other ideas, like using the .cat extension because the guy in the meme is called CATS. But this one requires to publish in Catalan 😅, and it's not a well known TLD.

So I shuffled possibilites a bit more and came up with Bingo! This one was not taken. Finally, the beloved meme now has a site of its own that honors it.

👉 Check it out at

See you next time for more DNS hype!